Month: March 2024

OCR Celebrates Women’s History Month

As we close Women’s History Month, we celebrate the many powerful women who have contributed to our Country, despite the barriers that may exist and … Read More

Calling innovators! HHS Long COVID Healthathon launches with $25K in prizes

Rigorous science takes time, yet people with Long COVID need help today. To address that need, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office … Read More

Judge Aleta Trauger Opened Doors for Women in Law

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Aleta A. Trauger earned a reputation as a tough prosecutor after convicting a former Tennessee governor during her stint at the U.S. attorney’s … Read More

Case Closure Rates Get Longer as E-Discovery Increases

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Federal Public Defender Jon Sands was making final preparations before a multi-defendant drug trial, when he was interrupted by an email containing his … Read More

Reflections from the Deputy Director of the HHS Office of Long COVID Research and Practice

Every day I receive e-mails from people with Long COVID desperate for help. I have friends, family, and colleagues who have Long COVID or similar … Read More

Conference Acts to Promote Random Case Assignment

The Judicial Conference of the United States has strengthened the policy governing random case assignment, limiting the ability of litigants to effectively choose judges in … Read More

Judiciary Releases Annual Report and Judicial Business Data

The Judiciary today released its Annual Report providing detailed information about mission critical initiatives that advanced over the course of 2023, including efforts to enhance … Read More