Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke Delivers Remarks at the Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office’s Hate Crimes Summit

Good afternoon! It is a privilege to be with you today. I want to start by thanking Attorney General Peter Neronha for the invitation. The Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office has worked tirelessly to protect civil rights by combating hate crimes while ensuring public safety for all Rhode Islanders. This office has championed efforts to reduce gun violence, address the opioid crisis, and safeguard our environment while advancing criminal justice, ensuring consumer protections, and more. The unwavering commitment of this office to justice and equity has significantly impacted the state, fostering a safer and more inclusive community for all. Successes in this space are a testament to the importance of the work of the dedicated public servants of this office. To each and every one of you, please know that by protecting civil rights, you are making a difference today, and laying the ground work for a more just and equitable future
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